People on the Move!

Welcome to my first blogpost for my new site.

It may seem strange to be writing about moving or relocating in the time of Covid, but my blog is for those who are living long-term in a land not their own. These posts will hopefully be of interest to people living far from home, or simply someday hope to not just travel, but actually live overseas. Perhaps you would prefer to not go anywhere, but hey; the job calls.

It’s also for those who plan to stay right where they are, but friends or family have moved away. You might long to visit a sister, a best friend, a grandchild.

Yet, at the moment we might not be going anywhere!

While some of us might be dreamers, this blog is especially for planners. We’re practical, and we start right where we are in gathering family and friends and co-workers any way possible.

In the future we’ll look at topics such as:

  • how to connect- not just Zoom- with family and friends back home
  • how to raise the next generation in an unfamiliar culture
  • how to enjoy grandparenting right where you are
  • making friends with other long term residents as well as locals in your host country
  • establishing a rhythm of the week that enables hospitality

Above all, we will be looking at just who you would like to have around your table for a shared meal….should the day come and we are free to invite new friends, old friends, family and strangers.

Here’s to gathering and flourishing forward!

Published by kathleeenmsmith

Writer and Mentor for Cross-cultural living.

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