With one of my grandsons!

Hello! My name is Kathleen McAnear Smith.

This site is about sharing advice gained from many years living overseas and assisting others with moving from one place to another. Sometimes local transitions are more challenging than international moves!

So, about me: I was born in the heart of the beautiful city of Washington, DC, and grew up in Arlington, Virginia. Summers were spent heading to the southern regions of North Carolina and Arkansas and Texas. Summer camp was in the Shenandoah Valley.

After graduating from W&L High School, I attended Stetson University in Florida and fell deeply in love with the sun, sand, surfing and political science. As part of Stetson’s wider education programme, I attended the American University School of International Service, and then a United Nations winter term, and a winter term at the State University of Moscow, Russia (only it was the Soviet Union in those days). Life in all the diversity of cultures and colours began to truly flourish.

After graduation I joined the Peace Corps and relocated to Jamaica. So much to write about regarding Jamaica! For now, I’ll just mention that after three years there, I took a banana boat to England. As my daughter says, “Mom, you haven’t quite made it back home yet!” Then again, we redefined home.

Alongside having children, I completed a Master’s Degree in Social Policy. Alongside grandchildren I completed a Certificate in Chaplaincy. All my post-graduate education has been in England. Recently, I have had the great honour of being appointed as a Director of Families in Global Transition. (www.figt.org)

The adventure of gathering a flourishing with family and friends now continues, perhaps more challenging in the time of Covid.

Blessed are the flexible!

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