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Online Class: Around the table: We look at who is missing around our family and friends table and take practical steps for whole family recovery, however you are defining family. As this is the first time I’ve taught this class online, we will limit it to six people at a much reduced cost. The classes start February 2022, and will meet on Zoom for three sessions.

Cost: £25.00 per person

One to One Mentoring

While Mentoring is not therapy, there is so much that can be done through a mentoring programme that intentionally develops family connections. The aim of the one to one mentoring is to give you a safe space to see where you can enable gathering together and flourishing forward. My work in assisting families relocating internationally as well as locally uses the teaching in my book “Parents on the Move”

Cost: £50 per one hour session

Five years ago, my husband and I relocated our family (two small children and me pregnant) from the UK to Hungary. Throughout the whole move from start to finish, Kathleen has been an invaluable help with her expertise in relocation and mentoring skills. She helped us choose the right neighbourhood to move to, helped us decide which school would suit our children best and has coached us brilliantly on how to navigate through cultural differences. She has also faithfully covered us in prayer all the way through and if we should ever move again, Kathleen has to be a part of our relocation package!” Hannah Steele

Parents on the Move!

This is your “how to” book for relocating around the world, across country or across town.


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