More Than Your Average Family Life

When my mother was communication central for our around-the-globe family, she downloaded photos from a granddaughter studying in Australia and sent it as an email attachment to family in England- all from her retirement home in North Carolina, USA. She learned the importance of up to date communication while working in South Korea.Today we have quite a few additional communications tools but our determination to network with family and friends is still the same. All families are unique and all families have core values. This website is dedicated to developing core values that help us gather and flourish.

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Global Grandmas

Both a blog post and eventually a podcast, Global Grandmothers will share tips and strategies for enjoying multi-generational, multi-cultural family life in different time zones.

Click on the menu bar above to see the Classes and Services available at the moment. I look forward to mentoring one to one on global family life, as well as lead group mentoring sessions. As a Christian with a Certificate in Theology and Chaplaincy, I enjoy putting on my Chaplaincy hat in serving families of all faiths and none.

Please do see the Classes and Services page for current rates for individuals or groups.