Note from a Global Grandma

Say ‘NO’ to negative yearly reviews!

Often the world of work encourages us to look back over the year to see what worked and what didn’t work. We could think of errors, mistakes, things we don’t want to repeat. This January let me encourage you to focus on what you enjoyed, what brought delight and what you want to see happen in the upcoming year…or what you would like to to see happen, as who really knows?

For me: see my family (children and grandchildren) on a regular basis (monthly?), have family and friends around the table to share well cooked meals (perhaps update my Chinese cooking lessons from London School of Wok), begin new way of serving my community as a Pastoral Care Team member in the Parish here in England, visit the British Library in London, Zoom with friends, and enjoy the vitality of Families in Global Transition! (

So, just leaving you a quick note to think ahead, think happy. love from a Global Grandma, Kathleen

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